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But Seriously with these E-readers.

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Hello everybody! Some of you might remember that I did a post awhile back on e-readers and how they don’t make any sense to me.  Big news: they still don’t make sense to me, but I wanted to talk about it again this week because something happened that makes me want to further probe this question. I promise to talk about my actual writing next time, and I already have an idea for a post (that’s a big deal for me, people!)!

So what happened was, a few months ago (much to my chagrin and despite a barrage of discouraging comments from me), my sister acquired an e-reader. Not an iPad or a cool tablet or something. An e-reader.

And, fine. I thought it was stupid, but I got over it, rationalizing to myself that she must be downloading all of these books and utilizing the electronic resources at the library and so on and so forth (note: my sister is thirteen).  For the purposes of this story I have changed my sister’s name to Tabitha (haha).

So I’m walking through the mall with Tabitha and we pass a Barnes & Noble. “Oh! I’ve got to go in there to see if they have my magazine!” she shouts. I follow her into the store and find no trace of the magazine, even after we ask someone who works there and try to look it up on the computer.

“But Tabitha,” I say to her, “Why not just download the magazine to your e-reader? Was that not why you purchased said e-reader?” I made myself sound more eloquent, obvi.

“They don’t look as good on that stupid piece of junk thing!” she said. Well, I added the last bit.

And then my brain did something that I can only describe as a cross between a brain freeze and aneurysm. Is not one of the huge selling points of an e-reader the fact that magazines are cooler and more interactive on the screen than on the page? Is it not meant to be an easier way to subscribe to these publications, so you are not left roaming the aisles of stores in search of your favorite ones?

At another point in the trip we had to call the library to extend the due date of a book my sister had checked out. “But I thought you already had the e-book version of that?” I asked her innocently.

“She prefers to read the real book,” my father replied.

Again with the freezing and the aneurysm.

So my question to all of you is this: If you have an e-reader, do you find yourself using it exclusively for your book and magazine reading, or do you still default to the print copies? If you don’t have an e-reader and are thinking or getting one, would it substitute your purchasing of print materials?

You can probably guess that I personally would consider using Nook or Kindle apps on a tablet if I had one, but the e-reader thing just leaves me at a loss. Let me know what you think in the comments below!



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